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Blender - F16 Centre Console Pedestal

The Centre Panel Pedestal is one of the most easily recognizable pedestal in the whole of the cockpit as it is the one right between the pilot's legs.

The pedestal has undergone several design variations in the course of the F16's history and depends very much on the plane's block and if it's on the front seat or the back seat on the two seater versions of the F16.

The model here created is that of the F16C single seat or front seat in the two seater version. It was modelled and textured in Blender 2.79 for the Cycles engine, the textures and materials are PBR based

Is worth mentioning that the instruments placed here are very important and are considered the main ones to fly the plane. Most of the information that can be used in these instruments such as heading, speed and other, are shown on the HUD (Heads-Up Display), so if for some reason there is a malfunction of the HUD the pilot can still fly safely the plane using the instruments placed here.

F16 Centre Console Pedestal